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Meet your new fungal overlords when Sauce and Bread Kitchen, 18th Street Distillery, and Fernet Fungo play the next Monday Night Foodball

“I see the mycelium as the Earth’s natural Internet,” wrote mycologist Paul Stamets. “A consciousness with which we might be able to communicate.”  Yeah, that’s also kind of how a figurative fungal network operated when Sauce and Bread Kitchen’s Mike Bancroft infused an Italian-style amaro with shitake mushrooms and gave Drew Fox a taste. Invisible […]

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The Reader’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

1 Chicago stepping lessons from award-winning south sider Shaun Ballentine of Effortless Stepping. —Salem Collo-Julin Open group lessons Wednesdays at 7 PM, Effortless Stepping Studio, 1850 E. 79th. $20 per person, 21+ only. For private lesson rates or information about having Ballentine do a stepping class at your event, message through Instagram or Facebook.  2 […]

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At the upcoming Bonyeon, chef Sangtae Park will have a hundred tastes in his head

Thirty-one years ago, the Leo Burnett Company, on behalf of Michigan Avenue’s erstwhile National Live Stock and Meat Board, branded cattle flesh onto the American brain with the slogan, “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.” That’s not a bad run by advertising standards, but it’s nothing compared to “One head with a hundred tastes,” or “일두백미,” […]

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Piñatta paints the tortilla black at the next Monday Night Foodball

Back in October 2015 Burger King’s limited edition black-bunned Halloween Whopper provided an unanticipated spooky surprise: it turned people’s poop green. Such a thing never would have happened in October 1492 when most people in the western hemisphere were mostly eating plants—and didn’t eat artificial food coloring. Or burgers. Such a thing will not happen […]

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Join the Filipino food movement with Mabu Yami at the next Monday Night Foodball

Matisse and Buko are good boys who have been best friends from the beginning. Together they’re known as “Mabu,” which makes their ears perk up whenever anyone shouts “Mabuhay!” Matisse and Buko are the Shiba Inu and Australian shepherd-Lab mix that are also best friends with, respectively, best friends Nicholas del Carmen and Evan Kalaw, […]