Monday Night Foodball

The Reader’s weekly chef pop-up series, Monday nights at Ludlow Liquors (2959 N. California)

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Meet your new fungal overlords when Sauce and Bread Kitchen, 18th Street Distillery, and Fernet Fungo play the next Monday Night Foodball

Check out Mike Bancroft and Anne Kostroski’s shroom-dominant menu at the Reader’s weekly chef pop-up at Ludlow Liquors.

“I see the mycelium as the Earth’s natural Internet,” wrote mycologist Paul Stamets. “A consciousness with which we might be able to communicate.”  Yeah, that’s also kind of how a figurative fungal network operated when Sauce and Bread Kitchen’s Mike…

Pierogi Papi does dumplings at the next Monday Night Foodball

Max Glassman takes his busia’s nearly lost recipe and runs with it at the Reader’’s weekly chef pop-up at Ludlow Liquors.

All Max Glassman had was a torn, water-stained recipe card. That’s what was left of his Busia Rose’s pierogi recipe. “It was what to do…

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