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Writing as an act, not an artifact

In a literary world steeped in academia, Francesca Kritikos seeks the raw and unpolished. As a poet and publisher, she’s developed an aversion to overly cerebral work—writing created with the intention of locking readers out. Instead, she looks for accessible writing that evokes catharsis and self-discovery. Increasingly, she found herself struggling to find publishers interested […]

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Review: The Mountain

On a whim, Pierre, a robotics engineer played by Thomas Salvador (also a cowriter and director), abandons his comfortable life in Paris. Before traveling to the French Alps for work, he sits sullenly in his modern apartment, deep in thought, sipping an espresso alone. Immediately, we see that Pierre is contemplative, often lost in thought, […]

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A new home for experimental literature

“We are identifying ‘micro-movements’ and allowing others to explain them to us,” says Jourdain Barton, a cofounder of Chicago’s TEMPER Press. Born to foster experimental writing, TEMPER emerged from such a micro-movement: a bond shared by Barton and her grad school classmates Geoffrey Billetter and Nat Holtzmann. To them, micro-movements are smaller, unidentified capsules of […]