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Do you, your local business, or other local favorite deserve to be honored as the Best of Chicago? Find the category or categories where you or your favorites qualify: Nominate, vote — and start promoting!

Nominating, voting, and announcement of the winners will all take place at:

Finalists on the ballot are determined by nominations. Voting on the top five most nominated finalists will begin noon December 13, 2023, and run through 11:59 pm January 14, 2024. Our Best of Chicago issue is February 22, 2024!

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For purposes of the Best of Chicago, “Chicago” may be generously interpreted as the Chicago area except where the category is specific to a city neighborhood or to the suburbs. We may at our discretion exclude any nominees we determine to be outside the Chicago area for their categories and we reserve the right to exclude any suspicious, fraudulent, abusive, or nonqualifying nominations or votes.

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